Artwizz SeeJacket Folio for Apple iPhone 6

Stilren folio med ställ funktion för iPhone 6

Case with stand function for iPhone 6
• Brushed metal design made of polyurethane
• Microfleece lining and rubber-coated clip
• Built-in magnetic closure

SeeJacket Folio for your iPhone 6 is a robust yet stylish case. Because of the high-quality material,
your iPhone 6 sits comfortably in your hand and securely in the folio while making phone calls, writing
emails or surfing the internet. The integrated magnetic closure makes it easy to open the
SeeJacket Folio, which when closed protects your iPhone from dirt, scratches and abrasions.
When you fold back the front cover to make calls, the small opening on the cover and on the back of
the case ensure that the small microphone in your smartphone remains free so that you can make calls
without disturbances. The interior clip in the SeeJacket Folio provides the necessary hold on your
iPhone 6, while the rounded edges provide stability and improve durability. This way your iPhone 6
is perfectly protected.
You can also enjoy films, pictures or music videos hassle-free, because the SeeJacket Folio can
be repositioned to a comfortable angle with a few hand movements.

The SeeJacket Folio is available for the iPhone 6 in black, white, titanium, grey and gold.
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